Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Get Premium Mods for Animal Revolt Battle Simulator via the AzzaMods Launcher. There are 3 mods available right now for Animal Revolt Battle Simulator in the AzzaMods Launcher.

The ultimate physics-based sandbox battle simulator where you can create funny battles between all sorts of ragdoll creatures You can also make your own monsters with the unit creator or even join the battles yourself in the first-person mode


This game has 3 mods across 2 modpacks.

Grab this essential mod pack to unlock all the maps in the game
  • Unlock All Maps
    Unlocks all the maps. This applies when the menu is reloaded turn this option on go into any campaign mission and then come back to the campaign menu and all campaigns will unlock. This option will also apply if you enable it before clicking on any campaigns
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Limit Remover
Sick and tired of limits in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator. Grab this mod to start removing the limitations of the game
  • Remove Unit Scale Limit
    Remove the scale limits when placing units. Units can be scaled by holding alt and scrolling the mouse wheel
  • Allow Units To Overlap
    Prevents the unit placer from turning red which allows you to place units on top of each other
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