Last Updated Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Baldi's Basics Plus Challenge Demo

Want the freedom to explore Baldis Basics as much as you like. This essentials mod pack lets you move faster gives you infinite stamina prevents a bunch of minigames from affecting your progress and allows you to get out of detention

This modpack contains the following mods

Walk Speed

Configure your walk speed

Run Speed

Configure your run speed

Infinite Stamina

Gives you unlimited stamina allowing you to run forever

No Jump Rope

Stops you from having to jump rope

Baldi Cant Catch You

Prevents Baldi from ever catching you

No Sweep Sweep Sweep

Stops your from being Sweep Sweep Sweeped

No 1st Prize Hugs

Stops the 1st prize dude from hugging you

No Bullying

Prevents the Bully from touching you

No Principal

Prevents the Principal from touching you

Detention Door Cant Lock

Unlocks and prevents the detension door from locking. You can leave detension as soon as you arrive despite the count down

Kill Baldi

Kill baldi removing him from the game