Bridge Constructor Portal

Get free mods for Bridge Constructor Portal via the AzzaMods Launcher. There are 5 mods available right now for Bridge Constructor Portal in the AzzaMods Launcher.

Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal – the unique merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ games.


This game has 5 mods.

Adds Remove Max Length, Free Building Components, Speed Modifier, Remove Bridge Mass and Win Level.
  • Remove Max LengthRemove the length limit for components e.g. Wood Steel Cable
  • Free Building ComponentsRemove the cost of components e.g. Wood Steel Cable
  • Speed ModifierModify the speed of your game this can be used to speed up the wait for the vehicles to drive over your construction
  • Remove Bridge MassRemove the mass from each component you build this basically means they weigh nothing and can support themselves
  • Win LevelPress this button to win the current level
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