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Clustertruck is a chaotic physics based truckformer. Jump your way through insane levels in a game of the floor is lava on top of speeding trucks driven by terrible drivers


This game has 15 mods across 2 modpacks.

Want to take control of Clustertruck. This mod pack allows you to stop yourself from dying lets you set how many points you have and allows you to have unlimited energy
  • Unlimited Ability Energy
    Gives you unlimited energy allowing you to use abilities that require energy over and over
  • Unlimited Ability Uses
    Allows you to use once off abilities over and over
  • Cant Fail
    You no longer die when you touch the ground - or at all for that matter
  • Style Points
    Set your style points
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Free Camera
Creates a camera that you can freely control to look around the level and explore. We recommend you turn the mod off inbetween loading of stages for maximum compatibility. Try binding the Go To Next Camera button to a key and using that to teleport between different pre-defined cameras in the scene. Try disabling the cursor lock option if your cursor gets stuck
  • Enable Free Camera
    Enable the free camera itself. Use WADS to move around. Hold space to move the camera up. Hold control to move the camera down. Hold shift to increase the movement speed of the camera
  • Freeze Time
    Enabling this will cause time to be frozen so things wont move
  • Normal Camera Move Speed
    How fast the camera moves when you are NOT holding the SHIFT key
  • Fast Camera Move Speed
    How fast the camera moves when you ARE holding the SHIFT key
  • Camera Sensitivity
    How sensitive the camera is to your mouse movements
  • Invert Vertical Mouse Controls
    This will cause the up and down controls to be inverted when using the free camera
  • Invert Horizontal Mouse Controls
    This will cause the left and right controls to be inverted when using the free camera
  • Camera Field of View
    Adjust the free cameras field of view. The default value is 60
  • Enable Cursor Lock
    When enabled you will lose control of your cursor and it will be locked in the middle of your screen so you can freely control the camera
  • Go To Next Camera
    Moves the free camera to the next camera in the scene. This allows you to cycle through the positions of all the cameras in the scene. Typically there will only be one other camera in a scene. Other cameras are usually used for things like cutscenes
  • Disable Fog
    When enabled the standard unity engine fog will be turned off
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