Last Updated Thursday, September 9, 2021

Equipment Manager

DEEEER Simulator

Gain access to all equipment and spawn it in or directly equip it. Why not suit up with our suit up option which will equip your DEEEER with everything the game has to office. Prepare to destroy the map with the most powerful items and upgrades. The following equipment is available AK47 Boots Chainsaw Desert Eagle DMR01 EG01 Flight Unit FT01 GAT01 GLA01 Grenade Juke Katana LA LMG01 Max Power No Damage P01 Rabbit Gun Revolver Rocket Pods SG01 SMG02 and Sub Machine Gun

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

Equipment to Spawn

The equipment to spawn when spawning equipment and the equipment to give when giving equipment

Spawn Equipment

Spawns the specified piece if eequipment on top of your deer

Give Equipment

Gives you the specified piece of equipment

Suit Up

Give your deer every item that can be equipped except desert eagle and become crazy over powered. God tier deer basically