Feed and Grow: Fish

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Hunt and eat other fish - simply, grow into larger beasts! Animal survival game based in the fish world!


This game has 83 mods across 10 modpacks.

Enhanced Fish Selection & Spawning
Want an easier to use UI and the ability to spawn fish. This mod pack makes the selection screen much nicer and more friendly to use allows for the spawning of fish
  • Custom Spawn MenuModifies the spawn menu to show a lot more items at once - Scroll up and down to see more fish.
  • Selected FishThe fish you want to spawn - this can be selected in game by clicking on a fish in the selection screen.
  • Fish Spawn ForceThe amount of force to apply to the fish / meat you spawn - This allows you to shoot fish / meat across the map.
  • Fish Spawn LevelThe level to spawn fish at.
  • Fish Spawn ColorThe color that the fish / meat will spawn as.
  • Spawn FishSpawn the fish which you selected in the Spawn Fish option with the force you selected in Fish Spawn Force option.
  • Spawn MeatSpawn some random meat based on the color and velocity provided.
  • Kill All FishRemove all the fish that are currently loaded the ones that are fairly close to you - They will most likely respawn after some time.
  • Remove All MeatRemove all the meat from the area around your fish.
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Environment Editor
Allows you to change visual options such as disabling fog making the oceans deeper making the oceans invisible and removing water completely. Want to see what the maps look like with no water. How about if the maps are completely flooded. Change the water in real time
  • Water Height AdjustmentSet the height of the water in real time.
  • Disable FogRemoves the fog from the map.
  • Invisible WaterAdjusts the water to be invisible / see through.
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Get started with the essentials pack which will unlock all fish for you instantly. Get unlimited coins to be able to spawn any fish you like. Breath forever under water with the unlimited oxygen mod. Get super fast and move around with ease using the unlimited sprint mod. Getting eaten too easily. Try the unlimited health option. Camera too restricting. Try zooming out infinitly with the infinite zoom mod or remove the water clipping to pop your camera up out of the water. Gameplay too slow. Try instantly leveling up bind it to a key and become the biggest fish in the pond
  • Unlock All FishUnlocks and allows you to play as any fish on any map. This will also give you 3 stars on all survival maps which is required to unlock fish in survival maps.
  • Unlimited CoinsChange the number of coins you have between 0 and 1000. Enabling the lock will prevent your coins from ever going up or down.
  • CoinsChange the number of coins you have between 0 and 1000. Enabling the lock will prevent your coins from ever going up or down.
  • Unlimited OxygenPrevents your oxygen from lowering allowing you to breath under water forever with fish / animals that have limited breath.
  • Unlimited SprintGives you unlimited sprint which allows you to sprint forever.
  • Unlimited HealthGives you unlimited health to prevent other fish from killing you. This wont stop things from swallowing you if youre tiny.
  • Unlimited ZoomAllows you to zoom infinitely.
  • Remove Camera Water ClippingAllows the camera to clip above the water when your fish is below the water.
  • Level UpLevel up your current fish.
  • Max FishThe max number of each type of fish that is allow to spawn.
  • Remove Level CapRemove the maximum level cap allowing your fish to get past level 296.
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Fish Behaviour Enhancements
Want to mix things up and change how fish behave. Want to lay eggs or spawn an army on command. Want to swallow other fish whole. Want to increase your chances of mating another fish. This mod pack adds all of that and more
  • Super Agressive ModeMakes it so all fish can attack other fish regardless of their level of type fish wont attack their own kind unless the specific option for that is enabled.
  • Fish Attack Their Own KindModifies the fish so they can attack their own kind. This requires Super Agressive Mode to be enabled or it wont do anything.
  • Fish Cant Get ScaredPrevents fish from ever getting scared.
  • Mating 100 Success RateModifies the mating chances so you are 100 successful.
  • Can Always Level UpRemoves the level cap allowing you to level up infinitely.
  • Swallow Anything WholeAllows your fish to swallow anything whole. Use right click to suck things in whole typically takes a few seconds to devour the other fish.
  • Make a Random SoundMakes your fish make a random noise if it has any.
  • Lay EggInstantly lay an egg egg will hatch after some time and the fish that spawns will join your current group allowing you to control it. Only certain fish will follow you in a group.
  • Duplicate FishDuplicates your current fish and adds it to your current group allowing you to control it. Only certain fish will follow you in a group.
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Fish Variety
Sick of the regular fish. Try some random super high level fish This allows you to control the variety of fish that spawn including spawning higher level or different colored fish
  • Fish Min Spawn LevelThe lowest level that fish can randomly spawn at.
  • Fish Max Spawn LevelThe highest level that fish can randomly spawn at.
  • Random Fish ColorsMakes fish spawn with random colors.
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Free Camera
Creates a camera that you can freely control to look around the level and explore. We recommend you turn the mod off inbetween loading of stages for maximum compatibility. Try binding the Go To Next Camera button to a key and using that to teleport between different pre-defined cameras in the scene. Try disabling the cursor lock option if your cursor gets stuck
  • Enable Free CameraEnable the free camera itself. Use WADS to move around. Hold space to move the camera up. Hold control to move the camera down. Hold shift to increase the movement speed of the camera.
  • Freeze TimeEnabling this will cause time to be frozen so things wont move.
  • Normal Camera Move SpeedHow fast the camera moves when you are NOT holding the SHIFT key.
  • Fast Camera Move SpeedHow fast the camera moves when you ARE holding the SHIFT key.
  • Camera SensitivityHow sensitive the camera is to your mouse movements.
  • Invert Vertical Mouse ControlsThis will cause the up and down controls to be inverted when using the free camera.
  • Invert Horizontal Mouse ControlsThis will cause the left and right controls to be inverted when using the free camera.
  • Camera Field of ViewAdjust the free cameras field of view. The default value is 60.
  • Enable Cursor LockWhen enabled you will lose control of your cursor and it will be locked in the middle of your screen so you can freely control the camera.
  • Go To Next CameraMoves the free camera to the next camera in the scene. This allows you to cycle through the positions of all the cameras in the scene. Typically there will only be one other camera in a scene. Other cameras are usually used for things like cutscenes.
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No Clip
Want to fly around in no clip mode. This mod adds a no clip mode that allows you to fly around anywhere
  • No ClipAllows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.
  • Normal No Clip SpeedThis is the speed of no clip when you arent holding down the sprint key.
  • Sprinting No Clip SpeedThis is the speed of no clip when you are holding down the sprint key.
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Shark Lasers
Adds a freakin Laser Beam to your Sharks Head. The laser will be attached to your fish automatically and can be turned on and off at will. The laser will instantly destroy any fish that it touches
  • Laser Is OnTurn this option on to turn your laser on. We recommend that you bind this option to a key so you can toggle it on and off easily in game.
  • Laser SizeThe size of the laser beam you can change this in real time to make it look better on any given fish.
  • Laser ColorThe color of the laser.
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Stats Editor
Ever want to customise your fish. Edit the stats of your current selected fish youre playing as in real time. Become the biggest fish in the ocean or make a one bite to destroy anything beast. The choice is yours
  • Can Be EatenCan your fish be eaten.
  • Can Gain ExperienceCan your fish gain EXP.
  • CanibalisticAllows you to eat fish that are the same type as you.
  • DeadIs your fish dead.
  • InvisibleMakes you invisible to other fish so they cant target you.
  • StunnedIs your fish currently stunned.
  • Max HealthThe max health your fish can have.
  • HealthThe current health your fish has.
  • Health StatA value used to calculate your max health and scale.
  • ScaleThe scale of your fish.
  • Min SizeThe minumum size of your fish.
  • Max SizeThe maximum size of your fish.
  • Movement SpeedHow much your fish accelerates by.
  • TenacityA multiplier that limits your max movement speed.
  • Sprint BoostYour speed boost when sprinting.
  • Sprint EnergyHow much sprint energy you have left.
  • Additive Max EggsThe max number of eggs you can lay.
  • Active CooldownHow long your cooldown has left.
  • Damage StatA multiplier for your damage.
  • Bonus Bite HoldHow much extra time you can bite into a fish.
  • Digestion Duration LeftHow long until the digestion of the fish you ate is done.
  • Eat ModifierA modifier that is used to determine if a fish can be eaten whole the bigger the number the better your chances of swallowing another fish whole.
  • ExperienceHow much experience your fish has. Increase to level up decrease to level down.
  • LevelThe current level of your fish.
  • Extra Food ValueA value that is used to determine how much EXP is required to level up.
  • Growth BonusA multiplier to how much EXP you get when you eat something.
  • Group RangeThe range of your current group / gang.
  • NoisinessControls how often your fish will make random noises a value of 100 or more will result in constant noises.
  • Passive ValueThis value is used with any passive abilities you have it depends on what passive ability you have equiped.
  • SkillChanges the chances of things like escaping a higher value means it is harder to escape from a fish that is biting onto you.
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You Are What You Eat
Want a new gamemode. Something different to try. You turn into the fish that you eat. Can optionally make other fish turn into the fish that they eat too
  • You Become What You EatYou become what ever fish you eat.
  • Other Fish Become What They EatOther fish will turn into what ever they eat.
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