Last Updated Friday, December 10, 2021

Enhanced Fish Selection & Spawning

Feed and Grow Fish

Want an easier to use UI and the ability to spawn fish. This mod pack makes the selection screen much nicer and more friendly to use allows for the spawning of fish

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

Custom Spawn Menu

Modifies the spawn menu to show a lot more items at once. Scroll up and down to see more fish

Selected Fish

The fish you want to spawn this can be selected in game by clicking on a fish in the selection screen

Fish Spawn Force

The amount of force to apply to the fish / meat you spawn. This allows you to shoot fish / meat across the map

Fish Spawn Level

The level to spawn fish at

Fish Spawn Color

The color that the fish / meat will spawn as

Spawn Fish

Spawn the fish which you selected in the Spawn Fish option with the force you selected in Fish Spawn Force option

Spawn Meat

Spawn some random meeat based on the color and velocity provided

Kill All Fish

Remove all the fish that are currently loaded the ones that are fairly close to you. They will most likely respawn after some time

Remove All Meat

Remove all the meat from the area around your fish