Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

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A game I made For a certain kind of person To hurt them. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a punishing climbing game, a homage to Jazzuo's 2002 B-Game classic 'Sexy Hiking'. You move the hammer with the mouse, and that's all there is. With practice, you'll be able to jump, swing, climb and fly. Great mysteries and a wonderful reward await the master hikers who reach the top of the mountain.


This game has 5 mods.

Find the game too hard? Use this mod to add some save states so you won't lose progress. Modify your number of wins to look like a pro and get a golden pot. Change the gravity and your player scale to change up the difficulty.
  • Save StateCreate a save state of your current position
  • Load StateLoad your last saved position. Wont do anything if you havent made a save during this run through of the game
  • Number of WinsControls the number of wins you have. The more wins you have the more gold your pot will turn try a value of 50 or more for a nice gold pot
  • GravityControl the gravity
  • Player ScaleChange your scale in real time
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