Happy Room

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Welcome to the laboratory Here tests are taken upon highly durable human clones using newest weapon technologies. Your goal is to head these tests


This game has 5 mods across 1 modpack.

Want to take control of your money and get unlimited dollars and euros. Want your traps to have unlimited ammo or durability. Want an easy way to complete all your current challenges. Need to instantly kill the dummy. Grab this essentials pack to get started with modding
  • Dollars
    Change the amount of dollars you have. Use the lock to stop the value from changing. Dollars are the main currency in the game and used to buy most items
  • Euros
    Change the amount of euros you have. Use the lock to stop the value from changing. Euros are used to upgrade items
  • Unlimited Ammo
    Give all weapons and traps unlimited ammo / durability allowing them to be used forever
  • Kill Dummy
    Kills the dummy. Works best when youre actually playing the game
  • Complete Current Challenges
    Completes all of the current challenges unlocking the money skills and tech that are assossaited with then given challenge
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