Madness Project Nexus Demo

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MADNESS Project Nexus is a third-person Run n Gun / BeatEm Up filled with arcade-style action and button-mashing brutality. Gun your way through droves of bad guys in the Story Campaign or build your perfect killing machine in the neverending onslaught of Arena Mode


This game has 11 mods across 4 modpacks.

Get unlimited health unlimited ammo and prevent your weapons from breaking
  • Unlimited Ammo
    Gives you unlimited ammo preventing you from running out of bullets and stopping your weapons from breaking. Applies to all players
  • Unlimited Health
    Gives you unlimited health and resets your trauma preventing you from dying. Applies to all players
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Item Manager
Give yourself any weapon instantly
  • Weapon To Give
    Select which weapon to give yourself
  • Refresh Weapons
    Refresh the list of weapons that are available to spawn
  • Give Weapon
    Gives you the weapon selected via the weapon to give option
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No Clip
Walk through all the walls and freely explore the world
  • No Clip
    Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode. Use WADS to move your character when this is enabled. Hold shift to increase your movement speed. Hold space to increase elevation
  • Normal No Clip Speed
    This is the speed of no clip when you arent holding down the shift key
  • Sprinting No Clip Speed
    This is the speed of no clip when you are holding down the shift key
  • Disable Gravity
    Greatly reduces gravity so you can no clip around much easier
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Slow Motion
Control the games slow motion and get an instant jolt of slow motion
  • Slow Motion Level
    How intense the slow motion is the default value is 0.1. A value of 1 implies regular game speed this wont let you speed up the gameplay only slow it down
  • Pulse Slow Motion
    Cause the slow motion to be pulsed using the value set by slow motion level. This works best when bound to a key
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