People Playground

Get Premium Mods for People Playground via the AzzaMods Launcher. There are 5 mods available right now for People Playground in the AzzaMods Launcher.

Shoot stab burn poison tear vaporise or crush ragdolls in a large open space


This game has 5 mods across 1 modpack.

Want to be able to clear everything from the screen. Grab this essentials pack to get started
  • Clear Everything
    Clear everything from the screen
  • Clear Debris
    Clear all the debris from the screen
  • Clear Living
    Clear everything that is living from the screen
  • Thing To Cleanup
    Everything that youve spawned will appear in this list. Select something and then use the Cleanup Thing option to clean this thing up. This option auto populates and changes based on what has been spawned
  • Cleanup Thing
    Cleans up the selected thing
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