Last Updated Sunday, November 21, 2021



Want to get the most out of your raft experience. This mod pack gives you essential things for surviving on a raft including disabling fog controlling your view distance learning all recipes infinite health infinite oxygen disabling hunger disabling thirst locking the time of day changing the weather setting the weather and preventing the shark from attacking your boat and you

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This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Gives you infinite health

Infinite Oxygen

Gives you infinite Oxygen

No Hunger

Prevents your hunger from going down

No Thirst

Prevents your thirst from going down

Unlimited Resources

Allows you to have unlimited resources crafting anything you want

Unlimited Tool Durability

Gives your tools unlimited durability stopping them from breaking from use

Disable Fog

Disables the fog

Set Weather Type

Select a weather from this list and then use the Set Weather action to apply the weather

Set Weather

Set the weather that was selected in the Weather Type for Set Weather dropdown

Learn All Recipes

Press this to instantly learn all recipes

Time Of Day

Set the time of day or lock it to a specific time

View Distance

Set the view distance of your camera

Shark Wont Attack Boat

The shark will no longer attack the boat

Shark Wont Attack You

The shark will no longer attack you