Seasons Beatings

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Seasons Beatings is a fast and frantic one hit kill FPS best described as first person Hotline Miami. Youll need to memorize enemy patterns and placements and execute a meticulously thought out plan to succeed Or...yknow. Just dive in and shoot some fools with a tommy gun


This game has 6 mods across 1 modpack.

Having trouble with the game. Wanted to unlock extra content. This mod pacl adds invincibility unlimited ammo weapon select unlock all levels kill all enemies and total snowflakes
  • Invincibility
    Makes it so you cant die
  • Unlimited Ammo
    Gives you unlimited ammo
  • Selected Weapon
    Select which weapon you currently have
  • Unlock All Levels
    Unlock all levels
  • Total Snowflakes
    Total snowflakes. The total number of snowflakes controls what unlocks you have
  • Kill All Enemies
    Kill every enemy that is currently alive
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