Last Updated Thursday, January 20, 2022

Weapon Enhancements

The Long Drive

Give your weapon unlimited ammo. Make your weapon instantly and automatically reload. Change your weapons to be full auto to shoot super fast. Spawn a BB Gun AK47 or revolver in front of you instantly

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Ammo

Gives all weapons explosives and items that use ammo unlimited ammo. You will still need to reload the gun

Auto Reload

Automatically reload weapons such as the BB Gun and Revolver. This will only work if you actually have ammo for it. Works best with the unlimited ammo mod

Automatic Weapons

Modifies weapons to become full automatic. This means that they continue to shoot without letting go of the shoot button

Spawn BB Gun

Spawns a BB Gun in front of you

Spawn AK47

Spawns an AK47 in front of you. This weapon is also known as a ggeppityu internally within the game

Spawn Magnum

Spawns an Magnum in front of you. This weapon is also known as a revolver internally within the game