Zardys Maze

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Zardys Maze is an extremely challenging horror game where you must enter a corn maze in the dead of night. Your goal. Cut down the giant plants that have started to grow there. Equipped with a flashlight and an axe you must brave the unknown... And avoid what lurks in the darkness


This game has 11 mods across 3 modpacks.

ESP or extrasensory perception gives you the ability to see things that will kill you through walls and tells you how far away they are allowing you to more easily navigate the maze and win
  • Highlight Things That Kill
    Highlights things that kill you as red
  • Highlight Pumpkin Crawlers
    Highlights pumpkin crawlers as green
  • Draw Box Around Targets
    Draws a box around the identified object
  • Draw Line To Targets
    Draws a line from the middle of the screen to the identified object
  • Draw Distance
    Tells you how far away each thing is by writing the number to the screen
  • Min Distance
    How close something needs to be before it will be highlighted
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Give your flashlight unlimited battery and prevent yourself from dying with these essential mods
  • Unlimited Flashlight Battery
    Give your flashlight unlimited battery and prevent it from ever turning off
  • Cant Die
    Prevent your character from dying
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No Clip
No clip allows you to fly around through walls and go pretty much anywhere at super fast speeds
  • No Clip
    Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode
  • Normal No Clip Speed
    This is the speed of no clip when you arent holding down the sprint key
  • Sprinting No Clip Speed
    This is the speed of no clip when you are holding down the sprint key
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