Amazing Frog?

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Amazing Frog? is a Hardcore Parkour, openworld buffet of bonkers physics sandbox ...ness. Welcome to the town of Swindon, UK. Home to flatulent superhero, Amazing Frog?


This game has 11 mods across 2 modpacks.

Equipment Manager
Want to customise your frog. This mod pack allows you to manage the equipment for your Amazing Frog
  • Outfitnone admiral amazing ballet bat biscuit bob boba bond brian cat cop cosplaya cosplayb cosplayc cosplayd cowboy craft darth dayman deadpond disco electrorat fly gaz gingerbreadman grinch hal hawaiian heart jack joker kermit link liono lizard major mime monarch nightman penguin plumbera plumberb rave retro robber santa satan satun screw scuba skyrim snowman space spider star titan totoro trump wally willow wolverine zoidberg.
  • Left Hand Accessorynothing admiralshield finger pickaxe plunger.
  • Hat Accessorynothing afro bandanaA bandanaB bandanaC bandanaD beret blackcap bluecap greencap yellowcap linkhat nypdhat princesshat wizardhat santahat spacehelmet tophat skyrimhat monarchcrown monarchface mohawk bobahelmet briannose cathat halhoodie willowhoodie bobhoodie cathead spacecathead tvhead anthead fedora fedorapoop capamazingfrog capfightingfrogs capfrogface capfrogpark capgems captimetrials capunicorn capknockdown capssp sharkhat deadlytsharkhat capfrogmilk AudioZombie egghat crownhat conehat antheaddead antlers trumphair capbunny flyhead flyheadspace flyheadhat poophead poopheadsad sharkhatred alligatorhat tophatwhite pighead pigheadzombie pumpkinhead horns saturnhead grinchhair snowmanhat pilothat pilothatbloody.
  • Mask Accessorynothing scubamask santabeard carrotnose facemask facemaskblue facemaskgreen facemaskpig facemaskbecareful facemaskfart facemaskstayback.
  • Face Accessorynothing sunglasses wallyglasses designerspecs.
  • Right Hand Accessorynothing wolverineclawright placardA placardB placardC placardD placardE placardF placardG placardH placardPIG placardPIGZOMBIE.
  • Hips Accessorynothing tutu briantail lizardtail cookietutu electrotail.
  • Left Shin Accessorynothing skyrimarrow.
  • Right Wrist Accessorynothing bracelet.
  • Back Accessorynothing gazhoodie bobajetpac balloonjetpac flypac.
  • Hair Accessorynothing bobhair.
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Unlimited Farts
Gives you unlimited farts. The farts will also push you along / add force and sometimes let you fly
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