Baldis Basics Plus Challenge Demo

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Baldis Basics in Education and Learning is a state-of-the-art fully 3D interactive fun-time educational game that teaches a slew of subjects From math to spelling youll learn a lot This demo shows a new mode that will be coming to Baldis Basics Plus the challenge mode There are three challenge maps to experience in this demo but there will be many more to unlock in Baldis Basics Plus


This game has 14 mods across 2 modpacks.

Want the freedom to explore Baldis Basics as much as you like. This essentials mod pack lets you move faster gives you infinite stamina prevents a bunch of minigames from affecting your progress and allows you to get out of detention
  • Walk Speed
    Configure your walk speed
  • Run Speed
    Configure your run speed
  • Infinite Stamina
    Gives you unlimited stamina allowing you to run forever
  • No Jump Rope
    Stops you from having to jump rope
  • Baldi Cant Catch You
    Prevents Baldi from ever catching you
  • No Sweep Sweep Sweep
    Stops your from being Sweep Sweep Sweeped
  • No 1st Prize Hugs
    Stops the 1st prize dude from hugging you
  • No Bullying
    Prevents the Bully from touching you
  • No Principal
    Prevents the Principal from touching you
  • Detention Door Cant Lock
    Unlocks and prevents the detension door from locking. You can leave detension as soon as you arrive despite the count down
  • Kill Baldi
    Kill baldi removing him from the game
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No Clip
Want to walk around in no clip mode in Baldis Basics. This mod adds a no clip mode that allows you to walk through walls
  • No Clip
    Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode
  • Normal No Clip Speed
    This is the speed of no clip when you arent holding down the sprint key
  • Sprinting No Clip Speed
    This is the speed of no clip when you are holding down the sprint key
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