Monday, May 3, 2021


Feed and Grow: Fish

Get started with the essentials pack which will unlock all fish for you instantly. Get unlimited coins to be able to spawn any fish you like. Breath forever under water with the unlimited oxygen mod. Get super fast and move around with ease using the unlimited sprint mod. Getting eaten too easily? Try the unlimited health option. Camera too restricting? Try zooming out infinitly with the infinite zoom mod or remove the water clipping to pop your camera up out of the water. Gameplay too slow? Try instantly leveling up, bind it to a key and become the biggest fish in the pond.

Unlock All Fish Enabling this option automatically unlocks ALL fish.

Infinite Coins This option makes your coin supply UNLIMITED!!

Other Features This Mod also features several other options, such as ‘Unlimited Oxygen’, ‘Unlimited Sprinting’, and also offers Camera Fixes / Improvements. You can see more in this video:

This mod pack contains the following mods: