Last Updated Friday, December 10, 2021

Stats Editor

Feed and Grow Fish

Ever want to customise your fish. Edit the stats of your current selected fish youre playing as in real time. Become the biggest fish in the ocean or make a one bite to destroy anything beast. The choice is yours

This modpack contains the following mods

Can Be Eaten

Can your fish be eaten

Can Gain Experience

Can your fish gain EXP


Allows you to eat fish that are the same type as you


Is your fish dead


Makes you invisible to other fish so they cant target you


Is your fish currently stunned

Max Health

The max health your fish can have


The current health your fish has

Health Stat

A value used to calculate your max health and scale


The scale of your fish

Min Size

The minumum size of your fish

Max Size

The maximum size of your fish

Movement Speed

How much your fish accelerates by


A multiplier that limits your max movement speed

Sprint Boost

Your speed boost when sprinting

Sprint Energy

How much sprint energy you have left

Additive Max Eggs

The max number of eggs you can lay

Active Cooldown

How long your cooldown has left

Damage Stat

A multiplier for your damage

Bonus Bite Hold

How much extra time you can bite into a fish

Digestion Duration Left

How long until the digestion of the fish you ate is done

Eat Modifier

A modifier that is used to determine if a fish can be eaten whole the bigger the number the better your chances of swallowing another fish whole


How much experience your fish has. Increase to level up decrease to level down


The current level of your fish

Extra Food Value

A value that is used to determine how much EXP is required to level up

Growth Bonus

A multiplier to how much EXP you get when you eat something

Group Range

The range of your current group / gang


Controls how often your fish will make random noises a value of 100 or more will result in constant noises

Passive Value

This value is used with any passive abilities you have it depends on what passive ability you have equiped


Changes the chances of things like escaping a higher value means it is harder to escape from a fish that is biting onto you